So, you've hit the "Team" to learn who this Eldridge Productions is!? Well, hello I am Norman Wilkerson the soul behind the name, and there's no "I" in team, but there is in Wilkerson...and well that will have to do for now, since I am a team of one... well there's my cat, she counts right? ...I digress... Anyway I'm sure at this point you have noticed I create a lot of different things, with that in mind I created Eldridge Productions to serve as a hub to deliver all those different things to you. 

I've enjoyed writing, designing and making art for years and even acquired a degree in Graphic Design. Following after college a few years ago, I started to explore a new path in my life: game design, 2D game design to be specific. I've always loved video games, they were my first love before music or poetry found me, so I've taken my life experiences as a musician, artist, poet, and storyteller, along with my love for retro gaming of my childhood and started to combine them into my path forward, 2D games for you! 

Ghostly Thoughts is the jump point, the first of many game projects I have going right now. I look forward to growing Ghostly Thoughts into many titles you may enjoy along with other unique IP's I'm working on right now. The goal is to keep it simple and fun, give you games you can play when you like, as much as you like, without frustration. Life is hard, more so these days than it should be, but playing games shouldn't; they should be a world apart from the hardships of reality.

So with that in mind, I aim to take my skills of music, art, poetry, and storytelling, along with my history of growing up with Nintendo(NES/SNES), Sega (Master,Genesis,Saturn), NEC (Turbografx), etc... and give you the player, simple on play, large on fun, and maybe that old-school strange vibe that many games back then had.  I hope you will find something you like and stick around to see what I come up with next, and thank you for playing, reading, listening, and stopping by.
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